The Methods Used And Purposes Of Replica Chronograph Watches

Chronograph is a professional name, where the chrono is “time” means in Old English and Latin, and the graph represents “Record tools” in English. General of the table, continuously indicate the passage of time. Chronograph is different, it can take some time to record any length. Standard chronograph 30-minute or 12-hour timer function. Surface of the central seconds hand, usually stopped at the zero position. To display meter walking, most Canadian small seconds set up a permanent move. Chronograph replica watches divided into two, the first one only a common chronograph measurement object, the other is there are two segments of the measurement object split-second chronograph.

Chronograph replica watch

In general, the chronograph second hand according to their design is divided into single, double seconds, a single button, double-button type and other structures, if the dial design purposes, the most common are measured per hour chronograph, such as OMEGA board lunar surface. As for the resolution function of the method, as long as the attention to the face plate surrounded by English words can be learned, such as TACHYMETER, TELEMETER, PULSATIONS, exactly the same way in fact operate chronograph, which differ only in the scale of the differences, not the same scale displayed data on different functions, but most are still common chronograph measuring speed of the main functions.

Cheap Chronograph is the most common scale computing systems, usually located on the dial or the case of the outermost outer ring. The main principle is: Given a unit of distance, such as: one kilometer or one mile, when a moving object within this distance begins to move, start chronograph function is activated when the unit completed the distance and then press the stop button this is the scale speed of the object indicated by the pointer. If the scale of the system as a single ring design, the object is less than 60 kilometers per hour

Patek Philippe Classic Movement

Patek Philippe

Other contemporary “niche” brand name can only vanquish reason is probably because the target too much focus on the function and appearance. Patek Philippe wristwatch aspect of classic movement is 12-600, and in the pocket side is Gondolo Chronometre. Both movements represent the highest position in the category, both the fate What, then, is honor and disgrace sight.

In the late 1980s, timepieces Collection not now so universal, basically just a way of excess funds after the economy from overheating. That year, an international auction only eighty tables GondoloChronometre famous people’s favorite. There once was held at Antiquorum auction Holiday Inn Golden Mile Nathan Road to a pair Couqu couple, sitting next to me, he introduced himself, said the first time to participate in the auction, buy collectible stuff. I certainly recommend them to buy Gondolo. The results finally grab one. Not even the commission of HK $ 80,000.

Gondolo Chronometre works of the early 20th century, it uses a lot of well-known classic design, such as Spike spring style teeth, trimming a snail’s pace, the opening ceremony bimetallic compensation balance wheel, today has been discontinued. A mere seven or ten thousand Hong Kong dollars (its highest peak is HK $ 100,000), probably can not buy a better movement. However, due to the downturn in the watch industry, watch the market performance is not good, finally had to stop plant.

Couple of years ago, Gondolo Chronometre, but more of some twenty thousand Hong Kong dollars, until now, it is often only deal with about thirty thousand in the auction. This project is being ignored, which is more than 500 production of table movement is definitely the best (not one) of one, I strongly recommend readers do not miss the encounter, whether you are still investors who love the table .

Working Principle Analysis Of Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon Replica Watches

Vacheron Constantin

In fact, after the wrist watch worn rarely in a vertical state, and therefore the accuracy, the tourbillon replica watch is not only does not help or even a hindrance. Modern Tourbillon meaning of existence. The first is to make the replica watch brand in a single project can earn more money, followed if done well it certainly makes the replica watch more beautiful.

After a few years ago my own practical experience made tourbillon than ordinary table also allowed drawbacks, it has no brand Tourbillon hype generated by the gravity offset value. Vacheron Constantin has recently designed a new tourbillon, but in theory, produce zero gravity clearly possible. Because, when the balance wheel 900 angle with the ground situation, the gravity will make the escapement means poor performance, but the process is to make Zenith balance wheel forever with the ground, 800 in parallel, and the level of the entire group of devices still do the 3600 rotation.

That is to say, the traditional tourbillon can only “offset the impact of ‘gravity, Zenith Shique geocentric unable to make drastic force, becomes zero gravity tourbillon I use this as the new machine speed control core, logical name for the design inspiration boat clock (Marine Chronometre) from sailing in the wind and waves on the risk of the sea, the boat will not always flat. Thus, replica watchmakers invented a set of ring 4 shaft, then the movement housed in a curved ball at the end of the cylinder, so that the weight with swivel, so that when the boat tilted clock face has remained parallel state, so there is a spiral hairspring escapement can go very accurate. true Lee, of course, when designing complex lot.

It uses multiple sets of vertical transmission gear train, so replica watch at any angle can keep wearing the 1800 parallel to the balance wheel, even if it is up side down, in total tourbillon device 294 members, there are only 166 of these while still allowing rotation means and disposed parallel framework, including 10 have helical teeth cone gear and six ball bearings. I carefully playing for a long time, to see the tourbillon such as flat water gauge water Yinzhu like always on a plane, can only say talent, amazing.

Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon use famous 36,000ZEI Primero movement. I have always felt that there is no timing device pendulum movement is 36,000, but the lack of modern needs, the 2007 HMS Tourbillon is the first one, while the tourbillon is second only more beautiful. The latter surface very simple, the upper left side is a two needle plate, lower right side is a large sphere tourbillon. It has a red gold belt Defy Classic, another ferrous metal, carbon fiber and aluminum shell and do too complicated a chain belt.

Top Luxury Watches – Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin

Production of 19,000 watches a year, 257 years of time panning out, “Malta Cross” is still brilliance. World wonderful good speech, but also unable to capture the traces of time. Vacheron Constantin treat it engraved into a noble art.

200 years ago, the Geneva Attic craftsmen create enamel replica watch, across the sea, to the emperor hands. 200 years later, the rich people to have it as a symbol of taste.

Luxury itself flagship “small, rare” concept, even some is the “orphan” of. Many international luxury brands saw sales growth in recent years the amount of luxury goods in China, we have been launched in China, advanced customization, and custom seems to have become an indispensable means of luxury brand management. Vacheron Constantin also advanced custom in this regard under the foot work, even to the high-set played a proper noun – Loft custom artisan workshops.

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin watchmaking technology division will have its meticulous, every Lister capture only one element, polished, are responsible for carving by hand, and even select the dial, case materials have corresponding charge. Money Weekly reporter learned that only certain precious custom watches possible before a single person or a small team to full production, and the value of which is also expensive high-set table lies.

Piaget Altiplano Replica Watch

2015, Piaget Altiplano series for the first time accompanied by a gold chain belt, with the understated elegance of the case and dial a harmonious whole, because of its ideal ergonomic design and comfortable fit with the wrist. The new Altiplano watch with a gold chain with two-tone white and rose gold case, more style with inlaid diamonds. It is simple and pure design combines urban style, adding to the trendy and chic aesthetic Seclusion is the father of their daily lives.

Piaget Replica

As one of the brand identity Earl, Altiplano 900P case and movement integration, with a thickness of 3.65 mm in the creation of the world’s thinnest mechanical watch miracles; but at the same time thinning the thickness of the replica watch will not sacrifice accuracy , retouch nor make any compromise. Down to the pure and simple appearance, it bears the same as Altiplano plateau limitless treasure watchmaking technology. In this exclusive day of his father, Earl PIAGET replica this century fusion of the most exquisite watchmaking Altiplano 900P watch, no doubt to his father tell the mind the best choice.

2015 New Fashion Stylish Replica Watches

This fall and winter will flash a lot of elements in Switzerland? ! Cheese, dairy, chocolate, flag, snow-capped mountains? Yes, a time when the 65th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations in Switzerland, the Swiss Luxury element blowing, autumn and winter season is aroused in this distant land of infinite yearning: the Alps chilly air, red cable car between the white snow-capped mountains, cabins incense thick fondue, as well as unique folk dance and yodel song – of course, can not fly if temporarily, on the first wearing a full element of greedy self Swiss watch now!

2015 Luxury Watches

2015 Fall Winter Daxing sporty, sporty Fusion beautiful colors, to become a sportsman influx of women must-LOOK. The trend of people familiar with the color of the road, without heavy effort, you can make yourself outstanding color Fun! Color overhangs, infinite creativity, totally do not worry about the fall and winter with dark too boring!

A wrist luxury watch instant hit color light body, anti its Daoxing dislocation print and a little unusual show Swatch distinctive style, abstract lines with soft cream-colored, like a wrist between ice cream, this fall and winter, hit the color knocked together a future!

If color still held insurance hit, then BlingBling fluorescent color, it must be the best means to play it cool. Autumn and winter sports fashion street, must be equipped with a side by side with the fluorescent graffiti trend luxury watch. Look fluorescent highlight “high-profile style” camouflage pattern inside is cool from the inside out will be in the end. Wearing shoes, picked up skateboarding, captured on the streets!

Factories wind swept the wrist: In recent years the flagship of the plant reinforced concrete wave swept the street, whether it is a streamlined design of the restaurant, or a low-key home decorating, wind plants will undoubtedly become a popular benchmark. This whirlwind at the end of 2015 also will sweep wrist, Swatch fashion watches for the first time high-tech fashion wind plant in the wrist deduction, the factory gives new meaning wind, simple and classic design texture pattern appeared atmosphere, low-key and reserved the personality is to add a little mystery.

Futuristic strong incoming: cool futuristic style is often wonderful endorsement, Swatch wrist tech fashion series with a sense of the future will be interesting in the end the magic of light and shadow, mirror, wheel, precision scale, these science fiction movies of the future common elements , and now are coming out of the dial, convey endless fantasies about the future, and attractive. Autumn and winter is the season of New Year, is not more should take a very futuristic replica watch, a strong prediction about the future?